Set in a completely new environment for a television serial, UyirMei centers around the happenings of Dayanand Medical Foundation a city based hospital established on idealistic lines. It's a kind of hospital that everyone wish they have access to. The architect and the backbone behind the hospital is young Dr.Kavitha, the chief of the hospital's emergency wing.
Kavitha and her trusted team of doctors Vikram, Arun, Aparna and Senthil lead a high stress life day in and day out, fighting to save the lives of complete strangers who nevertheless leave an indelible mark on their minds.
The cases they deal in the hospital will reflect the society we live in; and thus with chest pains and TBs, will go hand in hand cases of drunken driving, domestic violence, road side brawls or abused housemaid. Whatever be the case, what will stand out are the emotions and drama of human life be it for the patients, or their families, or the treating doctors or even their families who are also indirectly touched by the happenings at the hospital.
Naturally for Kavitha and her colleagues, life extends beyond the hospital too as in their personal lives they are mothers, sisters, sons, brothers and lovers with commitments to fulfill, promises to keep and families to tend to. A host of issues crop up in their personal lives that range from teenage tantrums, premarital pregnancy, dependent parent or demanding girl friend that demands their attention as much as the cases that come in through the gates of the hospital.
For Dr.Kavitha who knew firsthand the principles behind which the hospital was established by its founder chairman, industrialist and philanthropist Mr.Dayanand, the dilution of these ideals and efforts by the nextgen in Dayanand's family to run the hospital more as a profitable business venture proves to be a greater challenge to set right than the hundreds of patients she attends to.
Uyirmmei will be as different as a serial can be on Indian television and bring with it a breath of fresh air with its realistic characters and real issues of society but treated entertainingly and thought provokingly.


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