The story dates back four centuries, 1609 AD. There is a Kingdom called Udaygadh in Rajasthan, India ruled by a King. Mitravinda is his only daughter. Ranadev Bhalla is her brother-in-law. Kala Bhairava is a warrior who trains the army of the Kingdom. He is also the personal caretaker of the Princess. Ranadev eyes Mitravinda and wants to bequeath the Kingdom by marrying her. But the Princess loses her heart to Bhairava. In order to win her hand, both Ranadev and Bhairava take part in a contest and Bhairava emerges the winner. Ranadev turns traitor and joins hands with Sher Khan, a fierce ruler of India. He invades the Kingdom and kills the King. Later, Ranadev and Sher Khan reach the place where Bhairava and Mitravinda are offering prayers to Lord Siva. Sher Khan challenges Bhairava to save himself and his love by fighting his men. Bhairava courageously attacks and kills 100 soldiers. Sher Khan bows his head to Bhairava and accepts defeat. But Ranadev kills Mitravinda and Bhairava. Just before death, Bhairava kills Ranadev.

All of them are reborn 400 years later, in 2009. Harsha is a stunt lover and ekes out his living by taking part in bike races and stunts. He meets a beautiful girl, Indu, and when he touches Indu's hand, he feels an electric connection. The touch reminds him of something from the past. Indu's father is fighting a legal battle for Udaygadh Kingdom as it was his ancestral property. His brother-in-law enjoys the property illegally. The latterís son Ranadhir is spell-bound by Induís beauty and promises to return the entire property in lieu of marrying Indu. Ranadhir's Guru, Ghora tells him that he cannot win Induís love as long as Harsha is alive. On learning that Induís father has accepted her love towards Harsha, Ranadhir kills him and implicates Harsha in the murder. Later, Ranadhir takes Indu away to Udaygadh. Though Harsha tries to explain the truth to Indu, she doesn't believe him. In the altercation between Harsha and Ranadhir, Harsha falls into a pond only to be saved by Solomon. Now, it is Harsha's turn to prove his innocence and remind her of their reincarnation.

A Love Story transcending time.




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